WiFi Key Generator 1.0

Tool that helps you generate passkeys for your Wi-Fi network

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2000 / Windows NT / Windows 98 / Windows XP

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Maintaining a secure online presence any time you are using the Internet is possible by improving the security of your overall connection. Utilizing a program such as WiFI Key Generator is one way to create passwords and protection to keep strangers and anonymous users from accessing your Internet connection, computer or your IP address directly.

WiFI Key Generator Overview

Keeping your accounts and information safe is possible with the use of WiFI Key Generator. WiFI Key Generator is a small program that can be saved directly to your computer's hard drive; giving you access to creating passwords within seconds right from your desktop. Using WiFI Key Generator can help to keep unwanted users from accessing your computer or personal Internet connection. Keeping unwanted users from your Internet connection is a way to avoid bandwidth throttling from your Internet service provider while keeping your personal information and sensitive data safe and secure.

When your WiFI connection is protected, secured and locked down, you also reduce the risk of having any personal information and files on your computer directly compromised. Using WiFI Key Generator can help you to feel safer and more protected any time you are online and browsing the Internet from home. Keeping your connection secure at all times when you are browsing online is a way to shop, chat and find information without the risk of having any accounts you own compromised or put at risk.

Pros of Using WiFI Key Generator

  • Free to download and use and requires minimal space on hard drive to begin utilizing the program. Loading time of WiFI Key Generator only requires a few seconds to get started with encrypting your own keys and passwords.
  • Quickly create a variety of passwords based on the type of operating system you are running and the complexity of a password you are looking to use
  • Add your own phrase to quickly generate a phrase that is incapable of cracking
  • Generate encrypted WiFI keys with WiFI Key Generator in 64bits, 128bits, 152bits and 256bits depending on the type of password you are looking to create
  • Keeps unwanted users from accessing or hijacking your Internet connection; helping to maintain high Internet speeds while avoiding bandwidth throttling from the ISP you are using

Cons of WiFI Key Generator

  • Not necessary if you already have a strong password in place
  • Does not replace online password generators available
  • Not available on additional operating systems other than Windows
  • Is incompatible with some of the latest versions of Windows
  • Using WiFI Key Generator is not necessary if you have additional security tools and programs available as applications or when browsing online

Understanding the benefits of using WiFI Key Generator is a way for you to find the program that is best for you and your security needs. Keeping yourself safe and secure online is a way to keep potential thieves and hackers from accessing and utilizing your own Internet connection from any location.

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